UC Davis Picnic Day

During my 1st and 2nd years of college I interned with UC Davis Picnic Day, an organization under ASUCD that runs the annual school-wide open house event of the same name. I started off as an Assistant Director for Graphics and later became Technical Director.

Schedule of Events

The Schedule of Events is a 24-page, newspaper style, comprehensive guide to Picnic Day that was distributed throughout the school. We gathered and organized all the information that needed to be in it and created it in InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. 

The centerfold map was the most challenging aspect because there was so much information to gather and because logistics kept changing. Building information came from

Website Updates

One of my main responsibilities was to keep the website updated. 

Android & iOS App

The App

Information for schedules and events, including the Parade, Animal Events, Exhibits, Children’s Discovery Fair, Shows, Live Performances, the Student Organization Fair and more
• A map with popular locations, stage locations, food options, parking lots, information booths and all other event locations
• A Scavenger Hunt with amazing prizes
• Contact and safety information


Promotional Graphics

Sound Stages

Picnic Day Sound Plan